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The podcast your mother warned you about. Ramblings of a few overworked PHP Developers. Hosted By @shocm, @realrideout, and @johncongdon.

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    115:The Con Game

    This month the team discusses Eric saying he loves Laracon and then proceeding to lose his shit why he doesn't like Laracon.

    Other topics include

    John talks about why it's a bad idea to run XDebug in production and exposed to the internet. His pain is your lesson John posted his credentials to social media Stupid Router Purchase Credit Me · Issue #1594 · nova-framework/framework Laravel Nova

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    114: 3D Printed Puns

    This month the team discusses Customer Reviews - PHPUgly on Apple Podcasts

    Other topics include Thomas goes to a AAA Baseball game 3D Printed Gun Saga: Court Case Over CAD Files Settled Mark Zuckerberg Doesn’t Want to Ban Holocaust Deniers or Sandy Hook Truthers – Mother Jones

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    112: Episode 1,120

    This month the team discusses Alexa telling its owner : All I see is people dying

    Other topics include

    The whole of WordPress compiled to .NET Core and a NuGet Package with PeachPie Amazon WorkSpaces PHP: Use associative arrays basically never — Steemit Less than 75 days until WavePHP Linux distro hacked on GitHub, “all code considered compromised” – Naked Security

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    111: A Failed Transaction

    This month the team discusses PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor

    Other topics include PHP: rfc:typed_properties_v2 joelparkerhenderson/architecture_decision_record: Architecture decision record (ADR) examples for software planning, IT leadership, and template documenation Database: Getting Started - Laravel - The PHP Framework For Web Artisans VuePress Laravel Horizon - A Beautiful Dashboard For Your Redis Queue InnoDB row locking - how to implement

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    110: Tom is always wrong

    This month the team discusses BeEF - The Browser Exploitation Framework Project

    Other topics include

    Memorialized Accounts | Facebook Help Center Hundreds of Apps Using Ultrasonic Signals to Silently Track Smartphone Users Backdoored images downloaded 5 million times finally removed from Docker Hub

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    109: John Hacks North Korea

    This month the team discusses

    Other topics include

    Microsoft has reportedly acquired GitHub - The Verge The stakes have never been higher for Apple software John brings down production database servers UUIDs are obsolete : PHP Adam Wathan on Twitter: "What’s the best way to build a Vue SPA with a Laravel backend? vue-cli app w/separate Laravel backend app? Nuxt.js w/separate Laravel backend app? Single Laravel app with all your SPA stuff in the existing resources folder? What’s your approach?" Your Phone Is Listening and it's Not Paranoia That Game on Your Phone May Be Tracking What You’re Watching on TV Ed Finkler moving to Python - Twitter: "Current statuses: 1. I like my workplace a lot. 2. I think I’m pretty much sold on Python as my future."

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    108:This is American - Privacy Edition

    This month the team discusses privacy and the lack of it, in our current government

    Other topics include

    Friend of the show TJ Miller docker trick to reference back to your system to leverage services using the domain docker.for.mac.localhost Adobe to Acquire Magento Commerce Eric's shares his terminal alias for checking Bitcoin price from the command line alias bitcoin='curl' Mobile Giants: Please Don’t Share the Where — Krebs on Security Amazon Teams Up With Law Enforcement to Deploy Dangerous New Facial Recognition Technology Oakland passes “strongest” surveillance oversight law in US

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    107: Drugs, Tattoos, and Coding (aka PHP: Pot Head Programming)


    SEC launch spoof ICO to warn naive ICO investors » Brave New Coin Solving a 43Mb favorites list OSMI Mental Health in Tech Survey 2018 testing FTW New GitHub Desktop Application | Simple collaboration from your desktop GitHub Releases Desktop App Version 1.2 - Laravel News hangouts chat Amazon confirms that Echo device secretly shared user’s private audio | Ars Technica EFF Wins Final Victory Over Podcasting Patent | Electronic Frontier Foundation

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    Introducing Visual Studio Live Share All of’s alleged co-owners arrested on extortion charges Entire Nest ecosystem of smart home devices goes offline EFAIL No, PGP is not broken, not even with the Efail vulnerabilities - ProtonMail Blog Use 1Password as an authenticator for sites with two-factor authentication - 1Password Support You can now email Eric at Hack $35 Activity Trackers for Mental Health &More Drupal exploit infects over 400 sites with cryptocurrency miner | Drupal Shell How a “location API” allows cops to figure out where we all are in real time

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